Commercial Rust Protection

Learn about Krown rust protection, why it works, and how we carefully apply it to your commercial vehicles & equipment.

Protecting Your investment

Rust can wreak havoc on your commercial vehicles. 

But Krown stops rust in its tracks penetrating and creeping into hard to reach areas to protect all components.

Lower your maintenance costs and enjoy the peace of mind of a well-maintained vehicle with a yearly Krown application.

Where Krown Protects

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The Benefits of Krown

Reduce Equipment Down-Time

Extends Equipment Life

Reduce Vehicle Rust Damage

Eliminate Corrosion Related Repairs

On-Site Commercial Spray Unit

We can travel to your location to spray your commercial fleet. Our mobile spray unit allows us to lift many vehicles into the air for access to the vulnerable points prone to rust.

We can spray any size vehicles and equipment such as cars, pickup trucks, dump trucks, snow plows, semi tractors, semi trailers, school buses, skid loader, and more.

Does Krown Work?

Krown is used by some of the biggest fleets in North America to protect from down-time and the corrosive effects of rust.

This video demonstrates the effectiveness of using Krown yearly on your commercial vehicle.

Ohio Commercial Rust Protection

GoKrown is based just north of Dayton, Ohio with customers traveling from nearby such as Greenville, Piqua, Sidney, Troy, Celina, Tipp City, Clayton, Englewood, Vandalia, Wapakoneta, Trotwood, Huber Heights, Richmond, Dayton, and Riverside.

Customers have also regularly traveled for rust protection from GoKrown from 8 states - Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

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