Meet Go Krown’s New Owner, Ryan Bohman!

When Jon looked to step away from GoKrown and into retirement, he didn’t want to hand his company over to just anyone. After all, his years of building relationships and trust with his customers meant a lot to him. He looked for an individual who he would trust to continue to take great care of his loyal customers – both on the service and the business sides of things.

That’s why Jon hand-picked and personally trained Ryan Bohman – a local CNC machinist whose work is both trustworthy and quality – to follow in his footsteps providing top-notch rust protection service to GoKrown customers. 

Born and raised in Yorkshire, OH, Ryan is a second-generation Darke County business owner whose family has been a long-time customer of GoKrown. Ryan grew up watching Jon spray their family’s personal vehicles as well as business equipment, and he always appreciated Jon’s excellent service and quality workmanship. 

Krown is a petroleum-based product with rust inhibitors designed to stop or slow down corrosive damage to vehicles. It contains no solvents, no toxins, is non-reactive, non-flammable, and non-corrosive, and it is environmentally safe and can be sprayed in any weather condition. Different from a standard underbody coating, Krown is specifically designed to creep into and coat even the smallest and hardest to reach places under your vehicle. It won’t crack or chip because it creates a thin oily barrier to disperse moisture and chemicals so you never have to worry about moisture getting trapped underneath the protective layer.

Knowing that the quality of the spraying technique matters for optimal rust protection on trucks and other vehicles, Ryan has been working with Jon to learn the unique and quality-driven methods for spraying the Krown rust protection on vehicles and equipment, fine-tuning his technique to continue to provide the best possible to service to all of GoKrown’s customers. 

Please help us welcome Ryan to the GoKrown family!


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